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Case Study Full Story
The building in which Raymond lives receives a repair order from the Buildings Department requiring the removal of all loose and defective external rendering from the building within a prescribed time. The management committee (MC) of the owners' corporation (OC) subsequently agrees to replace damaged fresh water pipes at the same time.
Raymond is a diligent and enthusiastic secretary of the OC. He seeks the advice of his father-in-law, Tung, who is the proprietor of a construction company. Tung highly recommends a project consultant called Ken, with whom he is familiar. Ken is even willing to reduce the consultation fee to save the OC the "trouble" of having to conduct an open tender exercise. The OC subsequently hires Ken's firm. Ken then assists Tung in obtaining the contract for the renovation project fraudulently by rigging the tendering procedure. Raymond is kept in the dark regarding the rigging. However, Raymond does not disclose to other members of the OC his relationship with Tung.
Raymond is assigned by the OC to supervise the renovation project. He encounters a number of problems including slow progress in the works.  Ken and Tung even request that the OC undertakes and pays for additional works.  As Tung's son-in-law, Raymond has difficulty in turning down Tung's request, especially when he is surprised to learn from his wife that Tung has paid their share of the renovation project fees.
Although the interim works has yet to be completed, Tung reports that his company has cash-flow problems and asks Raymond to arrange for the OC to make the interim payment as soon as possible. The project is eventually completed but Raymond finds that there are many defects and problems which may not pass the inspection by the Buildings Department. Ken hints that a bribe can be offered to solve the problem. Worse still, Raymond's daughter is injured by mosaic tiles that fall from an outer wall as a result of substandard work. How should Raymond face and deal with all these difficulties?
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Names of all characters, locations and incidents portrayed in this case study are entirely fictitious. No relation to any real person or entities is intended or should be inferred.