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Case Study Full Story

Mr Lee is an accounting clerk of a factory.  He is just and committed.  As the newly appointed treasurer of the owners' corporation (OC), he has been working closely with the broad-brush Uncle Chuen, OC Chairman, and Mr Ho, flippant head of caretakers employed by the OC direct.  He notices that Uncle Chuen and Mr Ho often dine together.  Mr Lee also discovers that the OC account is in a mess with the budget lacking details and unclear income and expenditure accounts.  One day, Mr Lee witnesses Uncle Chuen procuring and sharing with other owners masks privately when purchasing disinfectant for the OC.  He even asks Mr Lee to sign blank cheques.  Mr LEE also discovers Uncle Chuen's cousin works for the CPA practice handling the audit of the OC accounts.  Worse still, when Mr LEE tries to clarify the questionable account of car park fees, he is 'threatened' by Uncle Chuen.  Fortunately, all the misunderstandings are resolved at the end.  Mr Lee, Uncle Chuen and other OC members have all learnt a valuable lesson in building financial management.

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Names of all characters, locations and incidents portrayed in this case study are entirely fictitious. No relation to any real person or entities is intended or should be inferred.