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Case Study Supervising Maintenance Works
The renovation project is eventually undertaken by the building contractor owned by Tung, the father-in-law of the OC Secretary, Raymond. However, Raymond and OC chairman Mr WONG discover during regular inspection that progress is slow and that the number of workers is fewer than expected. They also notice that Mr LAU, inspector of works from Ken's consultancy company, seems to be very friendly with the workers and with Mr CHAU of the building's management office. Apart from gambling with one another, they often go to the Mainland together for recreational purposes. In addition, Mr LAU does not pay serious attention to their advice or instructions.
Ken asks Raymond to persuade the OC to carry out additional works of replacing flushing water pipes at a cost of $300,000. Raymond feels uneasy when he later learns from his wife that Tung has actually paid their share of the renovation project fees.  At the same time, Mr WONG, who needs to visit his relatives in the Mainland, asks Raymond to follow up on the outstanding issues.  Raymond urges Ken and Tung to expedite the works and declines to support the proposed additional works.  Ken responds that Raymond should not make so many criticisms since he has not paid his share of renovation project fees.
Worse still, although the interim works has yet to be completed, Tung asks Raymond to arrange for the OC to approve the interim payment as soon as possible so as to solve cash-flow problems of his company.  Raymond feels he is in a very awkward position, but worries that the project will not be completed if Tung's company closes down and that the building as a whole will suffer as a result.  The building renovation project is finally completed.  However, Raymond discovers many defects and that the materials used are inferior.  He worries that such works cannot pass the inspection by the Buildings Department.  Ken hints that Raymond can solve the problem with a bribe...
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Names of all characters, locations and incidents portrayed in this case study are entirely fictitious. No relation to any real person or entities is intended or should be inferred.