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Q & A Prevention
Appointing Consultants and Contractors
1. Q:

Which of the following is a measure for preventing tender rigging?

Q & A
A. ensure that a sufficient number of qualified tenderers are aware of the tender excercise
B. open tenders before tender closing date to screen out problematic tenders
C. only ask relatives' companies to submit tenders
2. Q:

What should the OC pay attention to when inviting tenders?

Q & A
A. company phone number
B. company address
C. company reputation
3. Q:

Does the price negotiation between Raymond and Ken comply with the corruption prevention principles?

Q & A
A. yes
B. no
C. depends on the circumstances
Supervising Maintenance Works
4. Q:

What should the OC do if staff of the consultancy firm are found to be oversocializing with the contractor?

Q & A
A. report the circumstances to the  management of the consultancy firm
B. prohibit them from talking during work
C. it is only human and there is no need to do anything
5. Q:

What should Raymond do when he learns that Tung has paid his share of the renovation project fees?

Q & A
A. make a declaration to the OC
B. immediately repay the renovation project fees
C. readily accept the advantage offered by Tung, his father-in-law
6. Q:

When Tung asks Raymond to arrange for the OC to expedite approval for the interim payment, what should Raymond do?

Q & A
A. advise the OC to pay immediately
B. bring forward the payment by himself
C. reiterate that payments will be made according to the  progress of works, contract terms and valid documents/records
7. Q:

How to guard against corruption in the acceptance of works?

Q & A
A. dine frequently with staff of the consultant/contractor to learn about the progress of the project
B. monitor strictly the project progress and quality, record and follow up on non-compliance and report to owners regularly
C. rely completely on the professional advice of the project consultant
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