Government Subsidy Schemes for Building Maintenance - Corruption Preventive Education Thematic Webpage
This webpage provides the latest corruption preventive education information for flat owners, owners’ corporations and building management organisations participating in Operation Building Bright (OBB) 2.0, Fire Safety Improvement Works Subsidy Scheme (FSWS), Lift Modernisation Subsidy Scheme (LIMSS), EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme (EHSS) and Building Drainage System Repair Subsidy Scheme (BDSRSS)

Fighting corruption in building maintenance with a three-pronged approach of law enforcement, prevention and community education

Operations Department
Comprising of over 40 officers, an established investigation group dedicated to the investigation of corruption cases in building management
Enforcing the law in a robust and professional manner, the investigation group adopts a “double barrel” strategy to investigate pursuable complaints. Apart from gathering evidence, the group also takes timely intervention action, where appropriate, to frustrate possible corrupt bid-rigging activities at an early stage and alert flat owners of the potential risks of corruption in the granting of works contracts, so that flat owners can consider taking suitable corruption preventive measures, such as replacing the renovation contractor or consultant, or even re-organising the owners’ corporation when necessary.
Corruption Prevention Department
Providing corruption prevention advice to the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) and related government departments on various subsidy schemes on building maintenance/works projects, including the provision of effective measures to the previous Operation Building Bright Scheme.
Producing a “Building Maintenance Toolkit” and related leaflets to introduce the corruption risks in maintenance works and corresponding preventive measures for reference of owners’ corporations and building management companies.
Providing free, confidential and tailor-made preventive consultation services to individual owners’ corporations, building management companies and engineering companies.
Community Relations Department
Proactively sending letter to all buildings served with repair orders and fire safety directions from the Buildings Department, and successful applicants of various government subsidy schemes on building maintenance/works projects to introduce the corruption preventive education services.
Visiting individual owners’ corporations to organise anti-corruption talks for flat owners, and explain anti-bribery legislation and preventive measures at district briefing sessions arranged by the URA and Home Affairs Department (HAD).
Offering enquiry services to the general public through the “Integrity Building Management Enquiry Hotline” and the ICAC Regional Offices.
Producing thematic webpages and resources on integrity education.

Latest Corruption Prevention Information and Integrity Education Resources

Active Participation in Integrity Building Management (Chinese version only)
Designed as “iMadam Reminders”, the poster provides tips on minimising corruption risks in building management.
Seminar on Clean Building Management (Cantonese with English subtitles)
ICAC officers introduce the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance, corruption prevention advice and services in relation to building maintenance at the briefing sessions on Operation Building Bright (OBB) 2.0, Fire Safety Improvement Works Subsidy Scheme (FSWS) and Lift Modernisation Subsidy Scheme (LIMSS) organised by the Urban Renewal Authority (URA).
Corruption Prevention Building Maintenance Red Flags
This leaflet introduces 6 early signs for flat owners’ detection of irregularities in building maintenance works so that timely safeguards can be put in place.
Building Maintenance Corruption Prevention Smart Tips
This leaflet introduces essential corruption preventive measures for building maintenance works and is distributed to owners’ corporations and building management organisations/personnel eligible for various government subsidy schemes.
iSir Magnifier Bookmark (Chinese version only)
This bookmark is fitted with a magnifying sheet to alert flat owners to the corruption risks in building maintenance works and also advises them to make enquiry/report corruption when necessary. It is distributed to building management organisations/personnel eligible for Operation Building Bright (OBB) 2.0, Fire Safety Improvement Works Subsidy Scheme (FSWS) and Lift Modernisation Subsidy Scheme (LIMSS).
ICAC 24-hour Report Corruption Hotline: 25 266 366
Integrity Building Management Enquiry Hotline: 2929 4555
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