Services on Building Management


Through visits to members of owners’ corporations and building management bodies, ICAC officers introduce corruption preventive education services on building management, assist them to formulate an integrity code of conduct, answer their enquiries on building management and encourage them to participate in integrity education activities.

Talks and District Seminars

Through corruption prevention talks or seminars organised for building management personnel and flat owners, ICAC officers introduce the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance, share corruption cases related to building management, explain the common corruption risks and relevant corruption prevention advice, and encourage flat owners to actively participate in building management affairs.

Integrity Building Management Enquiry Hotline: 2929 4555

Through the hotline manned by ICAC officers, we offer corruption prevention advice to owners’ corporations, flat owners and personnel of building management bodies, and answer their enquiries on building management issues.

Integrity and Quality Building Management Website

The Website provides comprehensive information on preventive education on building management, covering essential areas, such as daily operation, financial management and building maintenance. Through case analyses, it helps flat owners, owners’ corporations and building management bodies understand the relevant laws and regulations and put integrity building management into practice. Sample documents are uploaded for reference and use.

Report Corruption - Simple and Convenient

If anyone bribes you, solicits advantages from you or you suspect any corruption, please report it to the ICAC immediately. Any delay in reporting may cause huge losses of the owners’ corporations or even attract accusation. All the information provided to the ICAC would be treated in strict confidence.

In Person


Opening Hours:

  • Mon - Fri: 9:00am - 7:00pm
  • Sat, Sun and Public Holidays: Closed

By Phone

ICAC Report Corruption Hotline (24-hour hotline): 25 266 366 (manned by duty officers)

By Mail

The ICAC G.P.O. Box 1000, Hong Kong

Smart Tips from iSir

It is discovered after investigation that a number of past corruption complaints related to building management are arising from miscommunication among owners, building management organisations and their service providers or a lack of transparency in their operations. Hence, if you have any doubt about the management of your building, you should clarify the issue with the owners’ corporations. This does not only help clear your doubt, but also enhances trust and mutual understanding through exchange of opinions for improvement. However, if you discover any corrupt act, you should report it immediately to the ICAC without hesitation, because tolerating such act may lead to huge losses or be accused of collusion. All information provided to the ICAC will be treated in strict confidence. However, anyone who wilfully makes a false report to mislead ICAC officers will breach Section 13B of the Independent Commission Against Corruption Ordinance and the maximum penalty is imprisonment for one year and a fine of $20,000.

ICAC 24-hour Report Corruption Hotline: 25 266 366
Integrity Building Management Enquiry Hotline: 2929 4555
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